Comand® Top Dressing for Healthier Lawns

The secret to a healthy lawn is to treat your soil and restore the natural balance that makes the whole ecosystem thrive.

Top dressing is the process of spreading a compost mixture over the surface of your lawn. The material you add to the surface of the lawn will eventually become part of the root zone. As such, it’s important to choose a top dressing mix that will blend in with your soil over time.


Comand® is a specialty top dressing manufactured using varying blends of high quality sand and a unique organic compost product derived from a proprietary composting process.

Comand® compost promotes soil health by enhancing mineral and nutrient uptake, reducing water usage, and providing your lawn with the beneficial biology it desperately needs.

In Just 3-4 Weeks

The Results are Stunning

After just one application of Comand the results are remarkable. Building your soil’s organic matter will retain water, reduce lawn stress and promote a denser canopy, even during hot and dry conditions. Save money on your water bill and have a great looking yard!

Bulk Organic Comand® Compost Delivery

Buy Comand® compost in bulk by the yard or in bags. This organic compost in bulk is premium gardening soil for top dressing for lawns, raised beds, gardens, planters, pots & more.

Directions for Use


Broadcast Comand evenly at a maximum depth of 1/4 inch of material with a mechanical spreader. Water thoroughly.


For bare spots and weak turf areas, aerate the soil, broadcast Comand and work into holes and cover soil surface. Water thoroughly.


Prior to laying new sod, Comand can uniformly broadcast over the whole area. Apply at an average depth of 1/2 inch and then use rake to incorporate into the surface of the soil. Water thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Comand instead of just fertilizer?

Comand is a natural source of organic matter and microbes that rebuild your soil’s health. Using Comand, instead of just fertilizer, has some very powerful benefits.

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