The Tail of
Mr. McGregor
& His Garden

The heartwarming story of Mr. McGregor and the journey that transformed his life at the garden shoppe into a magical adventure — a story that wasn’t always a dream, but a testament to growth and resilience that deserves to be heard in its entirety. 

Nestled in small town, a whimsical garden nursery possessed everything it needed, except for one essential element — a garden cat.  Squirrels, mischief-makers nesting in nearby trees, had an appetite for devouring the blooms of every flower in the garden — they especially loved Hibiscus & Joseph Coat.  It was believed that a garden cat could be the solution.  And so, the captivating story unfolds…

One day, a lively garden assistant on the search for old pots, heard a faint sound from an unsteady shelf at the back of the garden.  As she leaned in, she recognized the sound as a meow.  Searching diligently, she discovered a scared and hungry little kitten tucked away at the bottom of the shelf, and its tail very injured.

The kitten, shy and elusive, wouldn’t allow anyone close, batting its paws in fear.  Food and water were placed on the shelf, and though the kitten gobbled them up daily, it remained hidden.  Determined to help, the team decided to place the food inside the garden gates.  Weeks passed and with each day, the kitten emerged looking healthier, yet still frightened and in need of care.

Over time, the kitten grew more comfortable, spending time at the front of the garden, though visitors made many comments regarding his unsightly tail.  Desperate to provide care, the team resorted to a stinky can of tuna fish, which helped to capture him for a trip to the local veterinary office.  The vet, assessing the injuries, decided that the kitten would be healthier and happier without his damaged tail.

The vet asked, “What’s the kitten’s name?”  The shop owner, noting the absence of squirrels since the kitten’s arrival, was reminded of the tale of Peter Rabbit.  Inspired by Mr. McGregor, the gardener, and how he worked diligently to protect his vegetables form rabbits, the name was a perfect fit for the kitten.  And so it came to be, “Mr. McGregor” the garden cat earned his name and new role of flower protector.  

Returning to the garden, Mr. McGregor embraced his new life as a garden cat.  Greeting guests, strolling through the nursery, charming visitors at the counter, and indulging in cat naps.  Mr. McGregor’s presence is essential to the story & growth of Wildwood Garden.

It goes to show, that anything you nurture with love and kindness can indeed grow and blossom into something beautiful.  Go to the garden, where every petal tells the story of growth, resilience, and Mr. McGregor’s magical journey of hope and purpose.


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