Landscape Design & Installation

Creative landscaping designs have the power to transform your outdoor space into your own personal paradise. The execution of the plan is critical, but it all starts with a thoughtful design. Our team will talk with you to make sure we completely understand your vision before we ever break ground on a project.

Once we understand your needs and your vision, we use cutting-edge technology to create beautiful conceptual designs so you can review our plans before you move forward with the project. Because we personally handle the initial landscape concept to installation, you can rest assured that the final project will look as stunning as you’ve always imagined.

Professional Design & Installation

For customers interested in professional design & installation, our landscape designers will arrange a site visit at your home for a $75 fee. 

Compliment your home by creating an exterior landscape you can be proud of. Some homeowners are primarily concerned with aesthetic beauty, while others want their outdoor area to be an extension of their living space. Aranda Lawn & Garden has the experience and expertise to give you both!

1. Site Visit & Survey

The first part of the process happens after you’ve reached out to our team to request a site visit. As part of the consultation process, the design team will go over your needs as well as survey your existing landscape. Expect to be asked a lot of questions here, from your needs to your wants, to suggestions on different options and designs.

2. Conceptual Design & Budget

Next, the landscaper will start the design process. This design will help set the scope of the project, from physical limitations to material options. Designs will have an estimate of costs based on the materials, construction, and time required. 

If a conceptual design is requested the client has the option to choose either a hand drawn image starting at $75, or two (2) digital renderings will be provided for a fee of $300 upon receipt.  For each additional image or revision the cost is $75. At this phase, you will be sent a formal quote to approve and pay the 50% deposit, or request a modification to the design. 

3. Contract & Scheduling

Once the quote has been approved and 50% down payment received, your project start date will be scheduled. For many projects, our landscape designers are able to complete the design and estimating process within two-three weeks of the site visit with Aranda Lawn & Garden. From the day a contract is signed, a typical planting installation will begin within two to eight weeks. If we are coordinating with a third party (ex. hardscape company) some patios, walkways, and decks may take a bit longer if permits or special order materials are needed.

4. Planning & Specifications

After settling on an initial design and budget, the designer will work out the final plant count and materials ordered. Final designs, materials, and budget parameters will be set, as well as any additional measurements that need to be taken at the site.

5. Installation

Next comes the installation phase when construction occurs. Before any ground breaks, the necessary permits or approval, such as with digging or installing lines, will be collected. Depending on the scope and complexity of a project, it might take a few days or a few weeks to finish. Additional factors such as weather can cause delays, but we will always keep you in the loop.

6. Walkthrough

Once the project is done, there will be a final walkthrough of the project to make sure you’re satisfied with the work. At this time you’ll be given information on maintaining the new landscaping, including instructions on how to operate and care for newly installed features and plants. 

Aranda Lawn & Garden is a full-service design and build landscaping company, who will stay with you through the entire landscape design-build process. Contact us today, or sign up now for a site visit. 

Typical timeline:

2-12 weeks ⇒ scheduled site visit 

2-4 weeks ⇒ quote & conceptual designs 

1-2 weeks ⇒ feedback and revisions

1-3 weeks ⇒ final plan 

1-2 weeks ⇒ revisions returned and approved

1-8 weeks ⇒ installation

Please use this general timeline to help you determine when to start your project:

Summer Install Completion ⇒ start design process in Fall or Winter

Fall Install Completion ⇒ start design process in Winter or Spring

Winter Install Completion ⇒ start design process in Spring or Summer

Spring Install Completion ⇒ start design process in Summer or Fall

If you go in knowing typical lead times for landscaping projects, this will help you realistically plan for your garden renovation and can assist you in planning out and budgeting for the design and installation process.

Landscape Ideas For Your Emerald Coast Home

If you have an idea for a new landscape design for your property, or if you know that you’re ready for a change, contact Aranda Lawn & Garden today. We can help you develop your existing idea, or come up with something unique just for you. Request an estimate to start working toward your own personal paradise!

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