Landscape Guidance

Are you unsure of what to plant, or need guidance in plant placement?

Choosing the right plants for your yard can seem like a daunting task.  There are numerous factors to consider such as sunlight, watering, cold tolerance, and more!  That is why we offer landscape guidance, in-store for our D-I-Y customers.  We Pick – You Plant! 

Just bring us a few pictures and some measurements of the bed you need guidance with and we will provide a quick pencil sketch of our design and plant recommendations, along with a quote for the plants.  We will choose the right plants for the right place in your landscape.  

If you have multiple beds, or larger areas that require more time and thought than we can give during normal business hours, we may charge a design fee starting at $75+.

For larger projects, where you require additional services, such as installation, irrigation, or hardscapes; our sister company Aranda Lawn & Garden can provide you an estimate.

How to Take a Picture of Your Beds So We Can Provide Guidance:

1. From a distance (so we can see both sides of the yard at a glance)

2. From the Side (so we can see the depth)

3. Up Close (so we can see the detail of the ground)