Get inspired in the garden...

Our Paint – a – Pot Inspiration Station is a perfect activity for your next birthday, celebration, or gathering.  

All celebrations & parties will be booked as an after - hours private event

If you are wanting your event  to include decorations, gifts, or food we require you to reserve an after hours private event spot as we deem these events as “parties”.  We do not allow “parties” during normal business hours to respect other customers who may be shopping. 

Private events are $150 / hour with a two hour minimum.  Each additional hour is $150.  Reservations are required.  To book a reservation please email us at or by completing the form below.  

Activity Options & Pricing

Ceramic Boot Planter + Plant – $25

Ceramic Square Pot + Plant – $25

Ceramic Tea Kettle + Plant – $25

Ceramic Watering Can – $15 

Ceramic Owl – $15 

D-I-Y Wooden Birdhouses – $12

Ceramic Flower Tray – $12

Garden Rock – $8 

D-I-Y Wooden Windchime – $8 

How Inspiration Station Works:

Just pick the piece you would like to paint and design, then pick your favorite 2″ plant (if applicable), choose the paint colors for your palette, sit down, relax and have fun!

After you’re done, we will give your artwork a few minutes to dry.  After that, we will add in some rocks for drainage, add in the potting mix, and then finally add your plant to complete your paint-a-pot project.

A complimentary juice, soda, water, or wine will be served. 

Our Inspiration Station is open to the public 7 days a week!

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 3 pm

Saturday: 9 am – 12:30 pm

Sunday: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm 

Walk - In Inspriation Station

Walk-ins for the Inspiration Station with groups of under 6 do not require reservations, however we do ask that you call ahead so that we can prepare your station. 

For groups of 6 or more, reservations are required.  There is a $50 Reservation/Host Fee plus the price of the Inspiration Station option you would like to paint.  Please let us know in advance by calling (850) 797 – 3678, or by emailing us at: 

We do not allow decorations, cakes, or food during business hours as this is generally a 1 hour activity and to respect our other customers.  If you would like to include these options, please reach out to us about booking a private after-hours event for your party.  

Reservation / Host Fee:

A $50 transferable fee will be charged at the time of reservation or at the time of event if a reservation is not made ahead of time, for parties of 6 or more people.  

The reservation / host fee reserves a pre-set seating area for your group of 6 or more during normal business hours for a 1 hour activity.  

In order to reserve and confirm your time at the Inspiration Station table a deposit will need to be paid in full at the time of reservation or at time of event if prior arrangements were not made.  

  • Decorations, cakes, or food are not allowed during normal business hours as this is generally a 1 hour activity, and to respect our other customers.
  • Price of the Inspiration Station is the price of each ceramic pot, plus any reservation / event fees. 
  • Prices are subject to change.  Please call us at (850) 797 – 3678 to verify all fees and policies.